Corona … American states tighten procedures and European countries open stores


Women shopping in stores in the United States of America

The authorities in the largest city in California announced that all public and private gatherings of individuals not belonging to one family are prohibited, with the exception of religious ceremonies and demonstrations, for a period of at least three weeks.

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The authorities in the US state of California indicated that this decision will continue at least until December 20, while the US state of Los Angeles has banned most public and private gatherings.

And the agency “Agence France Presse” that the United States is the country most affected in terms of deaths due to the Corona virus, with 264,823 deaths.

She pointed out that the Corona virus led to “the retreat of the usual scenes of the large crowds waiting in lines in front of stores on the day of the great discounts” Black Friday “, on Friday in the United States.

The French agency also confirmed that “part of European countries opened its stores at the weekend, with the severity of the spread of the Corona virus decreasing,” noting that the improvement in the health situation is pushing the authorities in these countries to “ease some restrictions.”

France will reopen all stores today, Saturday, “which makes merchants breathe a sigh of relief as Christmas approaches”, and commercial centers reopen their doors today, Saturday in Poland, while the Irish and Belgians will wait until next Tuesday for the stores to open their doors again, according to “AFP” .

The agency stated that three new Italian regions will lift the restrictions on Sunday, noting that this “allows non-essential stores to reopen their doors.” As for the regions of Lombardy in the north, Piedmont, and the Calabria region in the south, restaurants and bars will remain closed, as is the case in France and Belgium. According to the agency.

Source: “France Press”


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