Corona … a record outcome in America and Iran, and a warning of a third wave in Europe and countries announcing the dates for distributing the vaccine


Several countries, including the United States and Iran, recorded new records in infections and deaths resulting from the Corona virus, while warnings are increasing from a third wave, which is feared to hit the old continent (Europe).

The daily deaths due to infection with the Coronavirus in the United States today exceeded two thousand for the first time since last May, which heralds an expected increase in deaths as the Covid-19 pandemic casts a shadow over the holiday season.

Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Health in Iran announced a record increase in new cases of Coronavirus, which reached 13,843 cases, which raises the total number of infections in Iran, the country most affected by the pandemic in the Middle East, to 894,385 cases.

Iranian Health Ministry spokeswoman Sima Sadat Larry told state television that the disease had killed 469 others during the past 24 hours, which brings the total deaths to 46,207 cases.

Restrictions eased as Christmas approaches
Several European countries announced a gradual easing of restrictions imposed to contain the Covid-19 epidemic as the number of infections decreased, in a strategy based on taking small steps as Christmas approaches.

The closure will be lifted in France on December 15, to be replaced by a nationwide night curfew, and small shops, libraries and clothing stores will be able to reopen their doors, among other measures that will be implemented from Saturday.

England will return after a 4-week closure, early December, to a strategy to adapt it according to the local situation, with the reopening of non-essential stores and the resumption of mass, marriage and others, provided that it is accompanied by a large program to conduct tests to detect the virus.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “Christmas this year will not be normal and the road is still long until spring,” but the government decided Tuesday to ease some restrictions before and shortly after the holiday in Britain.

The same situation is recorded in Germany, where the provinces called on Tuesday to limit Christmas and New Year celebrations to a maximum of 10 people belonging to different families. Children under the age of fourteen are not included in the census, while different regions recommend quarantining participants before and after these holidays.

Third wave warning
While several European countries, including France and Germany, announced easing restrictions as the end of the year approaches, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday warned European countries to ease restrictions imposed to contain the Covid-19 epidemic “very quickly”, stressing the risks of a third wave. From casualties after Christmas.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control said in its latest bulletin issued at the weekend that the situation is “seriously worrying” in most European Union countries, including France and Germany.

“We have to draw the lessons of the summer, not to repeat the same mistakes and not to reduce very quickly,” Von der Leyen said in front of the European Parliament.

She emphasized that “Christmas will be different, yes it will be bleak” more than usual.

Plan to distribute vaccines
US officials have confirmed that the massive logistics plan needed to distribute millions of doses of the “Pfizer / BioNTech” vaccine is ready.

And they expect to distribute 6.4 million doses upon receiving approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, which is expected in less than 3 weeks.

On Wednesday, the European Commission is expected to approve a new contract with the American company Moderna to obtain 160 million doses of the vaccine against Covid-19.

This will be the sixth contract that the European Union concluded with a pharmacy laboratory to pre-order doses of the vaccine. He has previously entered into contracts with the Swedish-British laboratory, AstraZeneca, and with the American laboratory, Johnson & Johnson, the French-British Sanofi GSK, the German-American Pfizer-Biontec, and the German CureVac.

Advertisements follow on the vaccination front. The most recent of which was Russia’s announcement on Tuesday that the Sputnik-V vaccine, which is being developed by the Gamalia Research Center in Moscow, is 95% effective in fighting the virus, according to preliminary results.

Spain announced that it will start the vaccination campaign next January, with priority given to the elderly in nursing homes most affected by the epidemic, as well as to the employees of these homes.

In France, the priority will be “for the most vulnerable” without being mandatory from the end of next December and early January next, as announced by French President Nicolas Macron.

And Austria, which is subject to lockdown, is also planning to start a vaccination campaign from next January for the people most vulnerable to the disease, that is, retirees and medical teams.


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