Consumer Protection Agency: Coronavirus is mutating and not becoming increasingly dangerous


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Sputnik Evgeny Odinokov

Deputy Head of the Russian Consumer Rights Protection Agency Alexander Gorilov

Deputy Head of the Russian Consumer Rights Protection Agency (Ross Potrip Nadzor) for science affairs, Alexander Gorilov, announced Friday, November 6 that the Corona virus is currently mutating.

But its mutations affect only 1% of its genome. The virus is not getting more dangerous as a result.

This was stated by him in an interview he made on November 6 to the Russian “Novosti” agency.

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Detection of a factor affecting the frequency of infection with

He explained, “We do not record the high risk of the Corona virus despite its undergoing mutations that affect 1% of its genome, which allows modern testing devices used to diagnose” Covid-19 “to detect even the mutated virus.

The expert added that two-thirds of those infected with “Covid-19” at the present time do not have clear symptoms of the disease or are mildly ill. As for those it seriously affected, their number decreased.

It is noteworthy that 19,404 new cases of coronavirus were recorded on November 5 in all Russian regions, and 26% of them did not have clear symptoms of the disease.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda


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