Compensation for companies due to Corona 1.6 billion euros per month


The French government said, today, Wednesday, that the cost of compensating companies closed due to Corona is 1.6 billion euros per month.

This comes at a time when the French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, announced that the economy will grow 6% in 2021.

This is a reduction in the growth rate that Le Maire expected in the middle of this year at 8%, which said at the time that the government wants economic activity to return to pre-crisis levels, starting from 2022.

Last September, the French government approved the details of the stimulus package, estimated at 100 billion euros, to counter the effects of the Corona pandemic.

The French government is expected to pump this amount over the next two years, when it will inject 35 billion euros to help the country to make it more competitive.

The government will pump another 30 billion euros that will be invested in environmentally friendly energies, and 25 billion to support jobs, according to the plan it announced last September.

A survey in early September showed that the recovery of the eurozone economy from its biggest downturn on record faltered in August as the bloc’s dominant service sector growth almost completely halted, indicating that the long road to recovery is bumpy.

And last quarter, the bloc’s economy shrank 12.1%, as the imposition of general isolation measures aimed at preventing the spread of the new Corona virus led to the closure of companies and the survival of citizens at home.


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