Coca leads the national team’s attack against Togo … and Mustafa Mohamed Ali Al-Dakka


The Egyptian first team players are subject to a new swab tomorrow, Thursday, to detect the Corona virus, before facing Togo next Saturday at Cairo Stadium, and the team was subjected to a swab yesterday, Monday, and the swab was negative for all players, and today’s swab will be conducted according to CAF’s instructions before facing next Saturday.

Mohamed Barakat, the director of the Egyptian national team, confirmed that the national team is proceeding according to the plan set for it, in preparation for the two confrontations with Togo, scheduled for November 17 and 17 in the qualifying rounds for the African Championship. All he had and did not mean anything negative and Mustafa Mohamed, the future of Egypt, is in the offensive line“.

Mohamed Barakat, the director of the Egyptian national team, said in an intervention with the media, Ibrahim Fayek, on the “Al-Talata fans” program: “We want to walk on the right path and this will be reflected in the results of the team. The list of the national team against Togo besides their high spirit“.

Mohamed Barakat added: “The team players took the Corona swab and stayed in their rooms until the negative result appeared.

Mohamed Barakat said: “The team doctor contacted the Zamalek doctor for the winch, and we made sure that he was 100% safe from the muscle injury he suffered before.“.

On the impact of the African final between Al-Ahly and Zamalek on November 27, Barakat said: “The players are concentrated in the two matches in Togo and have closed the African final page now due to the importance of the two matches for Egypt, stressing that the rematch will be held in Togo on November 17th.“.


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