“Climb in defaming the dead … as you are condemned,” – Newspaper Norte


Posted by the artist Lila ghfran A post on her account on the social networking site “Facebook”, through which she commented on the artist’s crisis. Mohamed Ramadan “By sharing photos of him with a number of Israeli celebrities, and the Egyptian Acting Professions Syndicate decided to stop him from working.

She wrote in her post, saying: “When the slander of the dead appeared in his series, which I call Ibn Haram, time turns and falls into a catastrophe that will not be forgiven, explaining that, as I expected, as you are condemned, it is the right of those who left.”

وفتعت Lila ghfran : “Man is not money and fame, but man puts on morals and culture first .. It is not all wrong with justifying that you did not know, unfortunately, the calamity is greater.

She added: “I am the one who tired me out that he used to show off and talk about the subject with arrogance, and no one cared about it, and that he was killing me every day. “.

Recall that the artist Lila ghfran She had earlier accused the makers Ibn Halal series By trading the case of the killing of her daughter Heba and insulting her and questioning the court ruling that convicted Mahmoud al-Issawi of killing Heba and her friend Nadine, while the series acquitted him.

She indicated that the work creates heroes at the expense of others, condemns the judiciary, questions its integrity, and acquires an accused person convicted by two courts.


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