Cisco announces a simplified partner program and advanced software solutions to support IT agility


Sunday, November 1, 2020 01:03 pm

A window to the world – The 25th annual Cisco Partner Summit was launched with the attendance of nearly 13,000 partners representing 157 countries. The sessions and officials ’statements focused on“ preparing for the future, ”providing partners with the latest business and technical insights needed to help them and their customers achieve new levels of business and flexibility.

Cisco leaders discussed their strategy, which focuses on building an inclusive future for all, and how the company is reshaping its business in order to achieve greater success for customers and partners.

Cisco focuses on helping partners and their customers respond

Better and adapt to business disruptions, accelerate their digital experience and rely on cloud technology, as well as transform their operating model using automated platforms.

Cisco introduced new features for security, cloud and data centers systems, as well as innovations aimed at providing new levels of speed, simplicity and flexibility, and offered new tools and solutions to keep legislative bodies and judicial services running smoothly in

the whole world.

Cisco has shared the biggest changes to the Partner Program in more than a decade by creating a new, unified partner program that recognizes and rewards the roles that partners play with customers, and by integrating partner programs over the next 12 to 18 months, the Cisco Simplified Partner Program will serve Partners in a way more seamless and flexible than ever before.

Cisco has also launched a new digital partner platform “Partner Experience Platform” PXP – which will provide all the tools and resources a partner needs when working with Cisco, allowing for a new level of collaboration and mutual selling.

Source: The Delegation


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