China detects Corona virus in packages of frozen shrimp coming from an Arab country


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The city of Lanzhou in western China announced that it had detected the new Corona virus in one of the packages of a shipment of frozen shrimp (shrimp) imported from Saudi Arabia, at a time when China is stepping up checks for frozen foods.

The Lanzhou Municipal Health Commission said in a statement today, Saturday, on its website, that it had found one positive sample on Friday on the internal package of frozen shrimp imported from Saudi Arabia, which crossed from the customs of the coastal city of Tianjin.

The statement stated that the authorities temporarily closed the cold storage facility in Lanzhou, where the case was discovered, and all its workers underwent corona examinations, while the rest of the concerned shipment was seized and the locations of all that were sold were determined.

The commission explained that the shipment entered the country on October 21, and arrived in Lanzhou on November 8.

The World Health Organization says that the risk of contracting Covid-19 from frozen foods is low, but China has repeatedly warned of this after the virus was discovered in imported food products, which leads to a ban on imports from time to time.

Source: Reuters


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