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Ammon – A study of the “Coronavac” vaccine against the emerging corona virus, which is developed by the Chinese company “Sinovac Biotech”, showed that it provokes a rapid immune response and can be used for emergency use against the disease.

And the working group on developing the vaccine published a report in the well-known medical journal “The Lancet” that was based on the results of the first and second stages of clinical tests conducted in China that included more than 700 participants.

While early to medium trials were not aimed at assessing the effectiveness of the vaccine, the researchers said it might provide adequate protection based on their experience with other vaccines and data from preclinical studies in macaques.

“Our findings show that Koronavac is able to induce a rapid response by creating antibodies within 4 weeks after vaccination by administering two doses of the vaccine, with a time difference of 14 days,” said one of the report’s authors, Zhou Venttsai.

The Chinese scientist, who published his interview with the report, added: “We believe that this makes the vaccine viable for emergency use in the time of the pandemic.”

However, the report showed that the level of antibodies that it produced was lower than that of those recovering from the disease.

Coronavac, along with 4 other vaccines currently being developed in China, is undergoing last-phase trials to determine its effectiveness in preventing Covid-19 infection.

A wide range of countries, including Russia, the United States, Britain, France, Germany and China, are locked in a global race to develop effective vaccines against the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19), whose pandemic has killed more than 1.3 million people.

Currently, Russia is considered the first country in the world to register a vaccine against the emerging corona virus, and there are currently two vaccines that have been registered in the country. The first is “Sputnik V” and is developed by the Gamalia Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Research, and the second is called “Epivac Corona” and the “Victor” Center works on it. Government Research Virus and Biotechnology.

And the Russian health authorities recently confirmed that “Sputnik V”, who is now undergoing post-registration tests in Russia and abroad, showed an effectiveness of 92%, while the World Health Organization confirmed that it is negotiating with the Gamalia Center regarding its vaccine.

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