China blows good news about “Sinovac”


The results of the preliminary experiments showed that the experimental Sinovac Biotec vaccine to prevent corona stimulated a rapid immune response, but the level of antibodies that it produced was lower than the level of those recovering from the disease.While early to intermediate trials were not aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of a vaccine called “Coronavac”, the researchers said it might provide adequate protection based on their experience with other vaccines and data from preclinical studies on macaques.

The Coronavac vaccine and four other vaccines being developed in China are currently undergoing last-phase trials to determine their effectiveness in preventing Corona.

The Brazilian Health Regulatory Authority had suspended clinical trials of the Sinovac vaccine due to a deeply damaging development, after the death of a volunteer, it was recorded as a suicide and is being investigated.

The setback for Sinovac’s efforts contrasts with the good news about the two experimental vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, which are more than 90 percent effective according to initial trial results.


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