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The Libyan dialogue sessions that you embrace were launched Tunisia It was sponsored by the United Nations, today, Monday, in an effort to find a peaceful political solution to the crisis that has torn the country for years, amid cautious optimism about the expected results of the dialogue.

Observers of the Libyan affair considered that the anticipated Libyan political dialogue in Tunisia may lead to results based on the achievements of the (5 + 5) military committee, but this remains conditional on the availability of the will and an end to foreign interference, according to their expression.

A political analyst specializing in Libyan affairs, Al-Bashir Al-Juwaini, told “Erm News”, “There are ways for the success of the political dialogue between the Libyans, who gave a good example through the 5 + 5 committee, which is a purely military committee, and it represented a good sign that the rest of the political actors should be in. Libya should follow suit, “according to him.

Al-Juwaini added, “The problem is that the foreign will was and is still present in Libya, but each party is trying to intervene to score points and preserve interests.”

International players

He pointed out that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has an interest in exploiting the Libyan dialogue, as is the case with regard to Italy and France, and this is understandable, but for all of this to be used to destroy Libya and its infrastructure and drown it with more weapons, mercenaries and problems, this does not work in Libya’s interest, and it will not be in the interest of Libya. Neighboring countries and the region as a whole, as he put it.

For his part, political analyst Belhasan al-Yahyawi said in a statement to “Erm News”, that “solutions and results can be found that may exceed what was reached in Skhirat, but what is important is the extent of commitment of the parties and political players in Libya to the results of the dialogue, whether in Tunisia or Bouznika or Cairo, and all the occasions in which dialogues were held between the Libyan parties, ”he said.

Booty Quest

Al-Yahyawi stressed that “no one wants this dialogue to fail, but all parties want to gain a great deal of gains, as no one wants the conflict to continue in its current form, and everyone today needs to rearrange their cards, including the Turkish-Qatari axis or the rest of the interlocutors and interveners. “.

And the Libyan political writer Faraj Hamid believed that the United Nations in Libya made a great effort to cease fire and open the land and air crossings.

Faraj Hamid said in a statement to “Erm News”, that “these steps must be completed by creating political outcomes; Because the result is the one that governs the performance of the United Nations mission, and in general we are moving towards a new stage. The UN envoy, Stephanie Williams, has already warned that the political process in Tunisia must reach a safe shore, ”as he put it.

Hamid considered that “what is hoped today is that the result will satisfy the Libyans,” expressing reservations about the list chosen to participate in the dialogue.

He said, “From the existing list, there are many questions about this group and the mechanism for choosing it, in addition to the head of the reconciliation government, who pledged to hand over power at the end of October, did not do so and extended himself.”

Hamid pointed out that “what worsened the current situation in Libya was foreign interference, as there was no desire to push Libya to safety, and the international community was counting on the international will, but this will was not properly completed.”

He added that Turkey has interests in Libya that it wants to preserve, and Qatar also has its own interests, and most of the intervening countries have interests in Libya, and if there is no common will under the auspices of the United Nations, there will be no positive solution, according to his assessment.


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