Cases in which the pension payment is stopped by the new social security system


Riyadh (Echo):

The social security system approved by the Council of Ministers specified the cases in which the pension payment is stopped.

These cases are represented in the death of the beneficiary, or if it is proved that the beneficiary who is able to work is not looking for work or has not applied to the employment platforms approved in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, and the like, or he did not accept the appropriate job and training offers, according to what the regulations specify .

These cases also include if the beneficiary resides permanently in one of the accommodation or treatment centers, or if it is proven that the eligible beneficiary has not adhered to his rehabilitation plan, or if the beneficiary waives the pension.

The pension also stops in the event that the Ministry of Human Resources proves that the data provided about the independent or the family are incorrect, or if one of the eligibility conditions fails, or if the beneficiary is late in updating his personal data requested by the Ministry for a period of more than 30 days from the date of his notification of the request to update it .


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