Carole Samaha reveals the scenes of “Al-Sadaqa”, the first film of her career


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The artist revealed Karol Smaha On the fact that she is known in Lebanon more as an actress than a singer; Because she started her artistic life through Rahbani Theater, In which she was founded as an artist, and she performed a large number of plays before singing professionally, noting that the director of her film “by chance” by the name of Hristo knows that well, and therefore nominated her for the film’s lead, indicating that she intended to appear in a block far from the character that people know about and see In which. It is noteworthy that Carole Samaha participated in the 36th Alexandria Film Festival with the film “By Chance” within the official competition, and won the Best Actress Award, which bears the name of Faten Hamama, and this film is the first in her artistic career, and Carole received the award herself, and said that it is the most important award she received On her in her artistic career.

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