Carfour Egpyt Carrefour Egypt offers on Black Friday, November 2020, discounts until next December


Black Friday or what is called White Friday is a specific day that takes place during the autumn season in November, and on this day a high percentage of profits are achieved, so it is worth noting that a large supermarket such as Carrefour will make discounts on all products and have exclusive prices Suitable for everyone and be in all branches, whether in Egypt or the whole world.

The most discounted items in Carrefour’s Black Friday offer

Carrefour is interested in providing the comfort of all customers and provided the most offer on home appliances because they are of great interest to people, as well as home appliances, as well as mobile phones. It brings more profits and attracts everyone. The Consumer Protection Authority in Egypt includes all offers in order to combat commercial fraud that occurs by many merchants.

Carrefour Egypt offers

Among the most important modern offers it offers are the electrical appliances offers, as there are offers for November 2020 on:

  • The latest type of televisions is LED, which is in 3D
  • And also a Panasonic device of high quality and capabilities
  • Dell laptop
  • Alcatel Tablet
  • Carrefour offers some other offers other than hardware
  • Some different offers on the types of furniture for decorating the gardens, as well as various types of lighting fixtures. It also offers gym equipment and sport walkers at minimal prices.

As for the food side, it won a large part of the November discounts offer from Carrefour, including these foods (fruits, vegetables) and sunflower oil. And also offers on drinks such as coffee mix, nescafe and all kinds of shakes, all of which will be under the latest offers offered by Carrefour in November 2020.


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