Car glass cracks … an Apple invention ends the problem of millions


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Car window cracks … an invention from “Apple” that ends the problem of millions, today, Saturday, November 28, 2020 09:07 pm

The cracks in the windshield of the car pose a danger to the driver, especially if they become an obstacle to vision clearly, but Apple seems close to finding a practical solution to this annoying matter.

According to technical reports, the “Apple” company has patented a smart system that reports early on any cracks in the windshield, even if they are small and invisible to the eye.

Upon informing the driver of the existence of these very small cracks, he can initiate repair, and avoid the area from widening or causing a disturbance of vision.

The request, which was placed by “Apple”, states that this system will be integrated into the glass, and thanks to this site, it will be able to detect any damage.

And since this system has an important amount of intelligence, it may also be able to book the repair appointment, automatically, in order to avoid expanding cracks in the windshield of the car.

And when this intelligent system will book an appointment to repair minor cracks, the driver will only need to give his consent in order to proceed with the matter.

Experts believe that this patent application may be an indication of the intention of “Apple” to develop a complete car in the future.

The patent application was filed last August, but it was only recently that the matter came to the press.

In 2015, Mickey Dixler, a board member of Apple, said in a press release that the company’s founder, Steve Jobs, had intended to develop a car before he died.


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