CAF’s financial director reveals the story of Amr Fahmy’s struggle against corruption and absolves Abu Rida


Journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed the scenes of financial corruption cases involving Ahmed Ahmed, president of the Confederation of African Football, which was the cause of sanctions against him by FIFA. Amr Mostafa Fahmy improved to him, after his father and grandfather assumed the position of Secretary of the African Union, and his assumption of responsibility in this position was a surprise. He stuck to his words, and disagreements reached his dismissal from his post with a respectable group of Egyptians, and it is strange that the great Egyptians in El Kef did themselves not see.

For his part, Mohamed Al-Shari’i, the former financial director of the African Union, revealed the scenes of financial corruption cases in which CAF was involved and which was the cause of Amr Fahmy’s revolution. In front of him, when Ahmed Ahmed ran for the presidency of CAF and claimed at the time that Isa Hayatou had arms that he needed to cut, Egypt stood by his side.

He added: There was a set of paid subsidies estimated at 20 thousand dollars to be provided to the president of the union, in addition to Umrah trips, which were estimated at 103 thousand dollars for some people from different countries, and after the trip he said that it was an inspection trip to the headquarters of the African Union, and I think it was determined, and these visits Air tickets and pocket money were paid, as well as pocket money for some people in the 2018 World Cup, when Amr and I talked about this matter, it was said that they returned the money to the African Union and this indicates that they were correcting a wrong situation.

And he continued: This is in addition to the clothing company, which is basically a sports equipment company owned by a businessman from Madagascar, he used to import and supply the equipment to enough people, and at the same time he was involved in cases of harassment, and he got 50 million dollars from the union, and this affected Egypt’s share in organizing The African Championship, and won only 14 million, and Egypt’s share would reach 20 million at least, and after a year and a half of our complaints, Amr Fahmy, our Lord, showed the truth, and sent 25 complaints against Ahmed Ahmed and El Kef.

He concluded: I think Ahmed Ahmed’s journey for Umrah did not take part in Hany Abu Raida. Indeed, he confirmed this, and I doubt Fatima Samoura, who is affiliated with the Ethics Committee, will respond.


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