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The names of Kate and Megan are often mentioned when talking about the distinct taste in choosing clothes .. But Prince Charles, who is known for fixing and resetting his clothes, may not have come to mind when talking about elegance in Britain before now.

“I’ve always been a fan of choosing your clothes,” British Vogue editor Edward Innful told Prince Charles in an interview prepared for publication in the latest issue of Fashion magazine.

The compliment seemed to surprise the crown prince, who usually prefers suits with two rows of buttons accompanied by a tie and a handkerchief of a matching color.

“I thought I was like a watch that stopped working … and then people come after 25 years to dress like I wear,” Charles replied, laughing.

“I am very pleased to see that this is a distinct taste. I care about details, colors and things like that,” he added.

The men of the British family usually don’t get the same attention as their women when it comes to fashion.

Kate, wife of Charles, the eldest son of Charles, was previously featured on the cover of Vogue, while Megan, wife of his younger brother Harry, co-edited Vogue at the invitation of the magazine.

The magazine spoke with Charles, who has been a long-time advocate of environmental issues, to talk about his commitment to so-called sustainable fashion that takes into account environmental and economic factors, which he said is something he always takes care of.

“I am one of the people who does not like to throw away anything,” he added. Therefore, it is better to maintain (clothes) and even to repair them if necessary than to dispose of them. He called on manufacturers and consumers to reduce waste.

“I think there are huge opportunities, especially now, in the sustainable fashion sector as a whole to counter this uncommon trend of producing quick-wear clothes or anything fast-consuming, frankly,” he added.

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