Britain is looking into Google’s “sandbox”


The complaint, filed by a technology and publishing alliance called Marketers for an Open Network, asks the Competition and Markets Authority to delay the launch of a Google technology, called “Marketers for an Open Network”. Privacy sandbox Or (sandbox).

The alliance indicated that the technology would remove features such as login and advertising from the open network, and put it under Google’s management.

Reuters quoted the Competition and Markets Authority as saying, “We take the matters raised in the complaint seriously and will carefully evaluate them with a view to deciding whether to open an official investigation under the competition law.”

The “Marketers for an Open Network” alliance said that the “Chrome” browser and developer tools with the Chromium browser are being modified to give Google greater control over how they are used by publishers, advertisers and other digital activists.

They added in a statement that these amendments will be fully implemented in early 2021.


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