Blood test detects more than 50 types of cancer – health statement – life


The British National Health Services Authority (NHS) has begun experimenting with a simple blood test that may have a positive effect in helping to identify more than 50 types of cancer, even years before infection, which the authority described as a “potential change in the rules of the game.” .

According to the British newspaper “The Guardian”, if the blood test, known as “Galleri” is successful, it may revolutionize the early diagnosis of cancer, which will save the lives of many, by identifying symptoms quickly enough for rapid treatment, as a blood test will be tested on 165 thousand people in Britain, as of mid-2021, the vast majority of them without signs of disease.

The British Health Services Authority hopes that the test will be particularly useful in detecting early signs of cancers that are difficult to detect, and thus have worse survival rates, such as ovarian and pancreatic cancer.

The newspaper quoted Sir Simon Stephens, chief executive of the authority, as saying that “early detection, especially for difficult-to-treat cases such as ovarian and pancreatic cancer, could save many lives, so the promising blood test could be a factor in changing the rules of the game for caring for cancer patients,” Where he helps thousands of other people to obtain successful treatment ».

According to the Guardian, if a blood test can detect cancers early, it may be routinely available later in the current decade, pointing out that the people who will be tested will be between 50 and 79 years old, including 140,000 people without symptoms. Where they will be randomly selected from the Authority’s records, and invited to join the experiment.

People will undergo a blood test every year for a period of three years, to check for malignant tumors, and if the results show in 2023 that the test is successful, the Medical Services Authority will recruit one million more people, for a larger trial in 2024 and 2025.



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