“Blessed” crowned at the “Maghreb Film Festival”


The film “Blessed” by Moroccan director Mohamed Zinedine won the grand prize of the “Maghreb Film Festival” in Oujda, which concluded its ninth session on Sunday.The film is the fourth novel by Saheb, and starring Fatima Atef, Mahdi Al-Aroubi, Ahmed Al-Mufeed, Hanan Al-Qabbani and Nasreen Adam.
Commenting on the selection of “Mubarak”, Moroccan director Abdel Salam El-Kalaie, head of the jury, said that he is distinguished by “the strength of the performance of his representatives, the depth of his directorial vision, his technical mastery, and his deep understanding of the conditions of the region in which he was photographed,” according to “Reuters”.
The film tells the story of the young “Abdo”, who lives in the suburbs of a city sitting on a huge mineral wealth accompanied by his adoptive mother “Blessed”, who was prevented by circumstances from getting her share of education as well, but she developed her own skills and turned into a treatment for the residents of the neighborhood, which earned her prestige and dignity in front of everyone . The young man tries to get rid of his stalemate by delving into self-learning to read and write. “Abdo” discovers that his friend “Shuaiba” has a skin disease, and advises her to go to a therapist to seek treatment.
The jury awarded its own prize for the Tunisian film “Fitriyah” (directed by Walid Taya), while Moroccan Hassan Benjelloun won the directorial award for his film “For the Cause”.
In the short films competition, which included 12 films, the film “Perfume” by Moroccan director Hossein Chani won the grand prize, and the director’s prize went to the Tunisian Amin Lakhanch for the film “A True Story”. The jury also awarded its special prize for the director’s “Space-Time Spectrum”
Moroccan Karim Tjawaout.
At the end of the event, the head of the festival, Khaled Sele, said in a speech: “I thought that parting and bidding farewell to the guests and participants after a hypothetical session would be lighter and less effective than the moments of separation after the end of each of the previous sessions, but in all honesty I have a feeling that the separation this year is more severe , Because the number of our guests, even at the default level, has doubled times and times.
He added, “We were a small Maghreb family, with some friends from outside the Maghreb, and thanks to social media, we became a big family that extends to all parts of the world.”
The Association “Siny Maghreb” had held the ninth edition of the “Maghreb Film Festival” via digital platforms, exceptionally due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.


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