Biden or Trump are not idle … my concern | Phalanges


On the occasion of the passage of 3 months after the explosion in the port, the resigned MP, Elias Hanash, confirmed that what we care about is knowing who was responsible for the August 4 bombing.

The head of the Al-Matn Kataeb region, the resigned MP, Elias Hanash, tweeted on the occasion of the 3-month passage of the port explosion, writing:

Neither Biden nor Trump is idle

I know, who is responsible for the Beirut bombing, 3 months after the crime?

He added, “The world is different, people’s homes have no windows, institutions are gathering their wounds, the wounded are after pain, and the people have their hearts burned to children, victims of the corruption of the authority.”

Where is the state from supporting its people?

We want accountability.

We want the truth. “



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