Biden: If we don’t act now, 400,000 Americans will die in Corona



FW1F/Leslie Adler

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden

Joe Biden, the US Democratic presidential candidate, stressed the need for rapid action to stop the outbreak of the Corona virus, otherwise the country will witness the death of 400,000 people in Corona.

In a speech, he said: “If we do not act now, 400 thousand people will die in Corona.”

He added: “If we do not obtain all the information, we will not be able to move to combat Corona and take measures regarding vaccination.”

He continued: “Unfortunately, our transitional team does not yet have sufficient information about the Corona virus. Fighting the pandemic requires uniting ranks, and what we need is how to coordinate in order to implement our plan.”

Biden stressed the importance of “working to distribute the vaccine in a safe, secure and free manner.”

He said: “I will not shut down the economy, but I will shut down the Corona virus.”

Biden called on the federal government to provide financial support to the affected states, stressing that he had agreed with the rulers to combat Corona, away from ideological positions.

Source: “Agencies”


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