Behind every successful coach is a great woman .. Al-Ahly’s 2020 achievements are between my wives Fyler and Musimani


In the sky of the round witch, the agents of the players and coaches believe that the desire of the player or coach alone is not sufficient to determine his fate, but it may be the first and last word for the wife, so it has become the most important entrance to the success of any deal, and the nationality of the wife does not differ between Italian, Moroccan, English and African women are one In that repeated scene.

Which city does my wife prefer? .. Will she agree to the new salary? .. Is this city suitable for her own work? .. This is how European football stars and the most famous coaches think there, as experience has shown that the wife’s word is the first in determining the fate of some players and even coaches.

On the journey of Al-Ahly’s coronation as champion of the African Champions League 2020, the woman was present and powerfully. The wife of Swiss Rene Fyler, the former technical director of the Red Genie, played the starring role in his departure from the Red Castle, and at the same pace the wife of Pitso Musimini, the current technical director of Al-Ahly, played the leading role in supporting and supporting him for He took over the leadership of the Red Genie, and subsequently reached the African podium for the second time in its history.

All attempts by Al-Ahly officials to keep René Fyler and find solutions to continue with the team until the end of the current season, and to activate the new contract, have failed, but the Swiss coach insisted on leaving the Red Castle out of his desire to be next to his wife and son in Switzerland, especially in light of the difficult circumstances in which he lives. The whole world due to the Corona pandemic, stressing that his wife refused to continue in Egypt and asked him to return to Switzerland, which has already been achieved even though Fyler was only three games away from ascending the throne of Africa, but he left before confronting Wydad Morocco, specifically on the first of last October.

Mahmoud Al-Khatib was presented as president Ahly Several offers to the Swiss coach for continuing to train Al-Ahly until the end of the African championship, including permission to travel and return before the beginning of October, or to attend his entire family at the club’s expense, but he refused all offers.

On the contrary, Moira Musimani, wife and agent of Betso Musimani, the coach of Al-Ahly club, supported her husband, and even refused to return to her country, saying, “I will not return until after Musimani crowned the African title with Al-Ahly.”

Musimani’s wife added, “My visit to Egypt is the third, not the first time. I attended the first time while facing Zamalek in the African Champions League final in Cairo and the second time when I attended the African Nations Championship during a seasonal analysis of the tournament, and now the third time after Musimani took over Al-Ahly training.”.

Moira explained that we are happy to be in Egypt and we hope to be part of the Al-Ahly family and are excited for the coming years with the Red Fort.

Musimani etched his name from gold in the Al-Ahly football records after he led the Red Genie to crown the African Champions League at the expense of his traditional rivals Zamalek after beating him with two goals to one, and he also kept his record free of defeats since he assumed responsibility for training Al-Ahly in the three competing tournaments for their titles.

Musimani became the third technical manager to win the CAF Champions League title with two different teams, after crowning the title in 2016, with Sun Downs, at the expense of Zamalek..

Musimani had taken over the Al-Ahly team two months ago, after his departure from the Sun Downs, succeeding the Swiss coach Rene Fyler..

Al-Ahly, the Arab club, is the most participant in the Club World Cup, with a score of 6 times, the last of which was in Morocco in 2013..

The Red Genie started his FIFA Club World Cup appearances in 2005, then 2006, 2008, 2012 and finally 2013.

Al-Ahly is the fourth club to qualify for the next edition of the Club World Cup, after Bayern Munich, European Champions League champions, Al-Duhail, Qatari League champion, and Auckland, New Zealand, Oceanian champion.


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