Before his “candidacy” … Anthony Blinken viewed America’s foreign policy during the Biden era


New York, USA (CNN) – Anthony Blinken shed light on his expectations about how the foreign policy of the United States of America will be in the era of US President-elect, Joe Biden, before sources reveal to CNN that Biden is “ready to nominate him” for the position of Secretary of State.

Biden said in an interview with colleague Fareed Zakaria last October: “Vice President Biden starts from this principle that whether we like it or not, the world alone cannot organize itself. Even the Trump administration, the United States of America played a leading role in doing a lot of This organization .. ”

He continued, saying: “What happened now is that President Trump relinquished these responsibilities and put us in a state of complete withdrawal from our allies and partners from international organizations and from agreements, and this is the problem: when we are not involved and when we are not driving, what happens is a matter of two, either countries. Others start with an attempt to take our place, and most likely not in a way that suits our interests and values, or if there is a gap that creates chaos and bad things .. ”

He added, “Joe Biden began by stressing the importance of American involvement and the importance of American leadership. We will reappear in reality day after day with diplomatic leadership and not address the world as it was in 2009 or 2017 when we left the office (the mandate of Obama and his deputy Biden ended), but as the world is. And as we expect that with the presence of all kinds of rising powers and new players, many of them, the strengthening of technology and information, which we must ban on our side if we want to make progress. ”


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