Baklis, Al-Shehhi and Al-Minhali meet with Hamdan in two concerts in Dubai


On the occasion of the 49th National Day of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Festivals and Retail and Emaar hosts two concerts. Two huge, Produced and organized by “group.” MBCAnd in Burj Park – Downtown Dubai.

In a public and open invitation to the public, the first concert, on December 2, will be performed by the artist Belqis Fathy and the artist Mohamed Al-Shehhi and broadcast it live on our channel MBC1 And his people.

As for the second concert, it will be hosted by artists Aida Al Minhali and Shamma Hamdan on December 3, and will be broadcast live by the “Wanasa” channel.

It is worth noting that The two fields will witness strict application of safety measures, sterilization and temperature measurement of individuals in accordance with the standards of the Dubai Health Authority and the World Health Organization, taking into account social distancing, wearing masks at all times, and other preventive measures that put at the forefront of its priorities the preservation of the health and safety of attendees.


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