Atalanta and Liverpool … a test of Klopp’s emergency plans in Van Dyck’s absence


How to face Liverpool Club Atalanta Gasperini in the absence of Van Dyck?

Less than 24 hours before a showdown Leferball And Atalanta, it seems the most important question for the followers of the two teams closely is how will Juergen Klopp play that tough confrontation without Virgil van Dyck?

There is no doubt that Virgil van Dyck is one of the pillars of the current generation of Liverpool, as he is the defender who changed the face of the Reds with his arrival two seasons ago, in which the form of the team differed completely from what it was before.

How could he not, who coordinated the performance of the defense line and the first blocking wall, which gave Salah, Mani and Firmino freedom and freed them from the defensive burdens, and how could Klopp’s plan be adopted without him after this almost total dependence on him?

As for Jurgen Klopp, he said Virgil van Dyck’s surgical operation: “We will try to provide all possible assistance to him. He can adapt to the current circumstances and that will help him.”

This is correct, logical and humane to the highest degree, but the question now is if Van Dyck was so strong to adapt to the current circumstances, how can Liverpool adapt to the current circumstances without the jewel of his defense?

Atalanta plays man-to-man defense and pressure is everywhere on the pitch, the pressure struggle between Klopp and Gasperini will have a common weakness, which is the defense line in which Atalanta always suffers, and Liverpool will suffer more in the absence of Van Dyck.

Liverpool began the current season in a manner similar to what Flick does with Bayern Munich, with advanced pressure and a defense line that leaves a lot of space behind him in order to intensify the pressure on his opponents.

This was in the presence of Van Dyck behind gaps that appeared clearly in the confrontation with Aston Villa, which witnessed a thunderous fall for Liverpool with seven goals to two goals, so what about the absence of the Dutch defender?

Van Dyck’s absence will put Klopp in front of two options, either he continues his style of play and faces a threat from the madness of attacking Atalanta and the match witnesses the struggle of many goals that will win whoever scores more than them, or he changes his way of playing.

Liverpool legend accuses Salah of acting because of a West Ham shot and the England star and Klopp defending

But if Klopp decided to change his method, what would he do exactly? And what would he have to do in order to diminish the reception of a large number of targets? This has never happened before, so let’s get first indications about it.


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