Artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah mourns his mother: May God have mercy on you, my mother – think and art – mirrors


Saudi artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah announced the death of his mother, today, Saturday, through a tweet on his official Twitter account.

And Abdul Majeed Abdullah said in his tweet: He preached to the patient who, if they were afflicted by calamity, they said: I am God and to Him we shall return. Those are upon them prayers from their Lord, and those are the rightly guided. May God have mercy on you, my mother, and may God reward you on my behalf and on behalf of my brothers. I do not say goodbye, but to a close meeting, long or short, with Malik Muqtadir, and praise be to God, Lord of the worlds.

Rotana Audio Visual Corporation also called the artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah’s mother a post on her Instagram account: “With hearts believing in the judgment of God and His destiny, Rotana Audio and Video Company offers its sincere condolences and sympathy to the artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah and his generous family on the death of the late God willing and his mother. The Almighty may rest her with the mercy of His mercy and inspire her family and her family with patience and solace. “

The Saudi artist received the condolences of a large number of his fans and followers in the Arab world.



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