Are aircraft obliged to fly within walking distance of airports?


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In the past, the combustion engines in aircraft were unreliable, and as a result, aircraft equipped with two engines were required to fly in direct routes, to remain in an appropriate range and close to airports in emergency situations.

With the passage of time, aeronautical engineers realized that jet engines were more reliable. Therefore, the US Federal Aviation Administration began granting approval for flights to planes with two engines, to fly on routes about 120 minutes from the nearest suitable airport, double the previous period of time that aviation authorities had imposed around the world.

The move made the twin-engine aircraft more popular because they had much better fuel efficiency.

ETOPS certificates

In turn, ETOPS certificates or operating performance standards allow aircraft equipped with two engines, to operate flights that may be far from the nearest airport suitable for emergency landing, that is, the maximum extent that a twin-engine plane can fly with one engine safely from the nearest airport in remote areas and over oceans, in the event of a breakdown. The movers.

There is a set of standards that require ETOPS certification for both the aircraft and the airline to comply with it, as the aircraft manufacturer must demonstrate that flying with a single engine can be relatively controlled by the flight crew, and that it is safe for the airframe, and an extremely rare event. Flying then demonstrates that cabin crew training and maintenance procedures are of high standards, and for this reason, pilots and engineers must have the appropriate certifications.

Jet engines

According to the Sheffield School of Aeronautics, the significance and meaning of ETOPS certificates came to light when the first of its kind was awarded to Trans World Airlines in 1985.

In the same year, the Federal Aviation Agency began allowing twin-engine aircraft to extend flight times up to 120 minutes from the nearest suitable airport. This means that the twin-engine aircraft were not permitted to fly for longer than this time from the nearest airport suitable for emergency landing. In 1988, it was extended again to a maximum of 180 minutes, and the period was then increased to 240 minutes.

Therefore, ETOPS certificates indicate the maximum time required to reach an aircraft in which only one engine operates (assuming that the other is defective) to transfer to another suitable airport in which it can land, regardless of whether this distance is over land or water, especially after The turbojet engines of the 1960s are proven to have a high capacity to produce large thrust, with high performance reliability.

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