Apple supports iPad Pro devices for 2021 with its 5G modem … Learn details


Sunday 29th November 2020 11:45 pm

A window to the world – a new leak has revealed that iPad Pro It will be the first to test 5G antennas developed by Apple itself, and during the past period, it has been repeatedly talked about iPad Pro Next will give up screens LCD The old to use the new technologymini-LED, Which uses a type of backlight, which will allow Apple to increase the brightness or darkness of specific areas of the screen, instead of increasing the brightness or darkness of the entire screen, and through this technology the company aims to improve the visual experience, especially by increasing the contrast tool for devices iPad Pro

And timely publication DigiTimes Apple is currently working on developing a unit for 5G networks that supports ultra-high frequency technology mmWave, And the unit will be used in devices iPad Tablet developed specifications for 2021.

It was previously rumored that Apple intends to include a unit mmWave 5G New in iPhones for next year, but this app may mean the company wants to test it first.

The (antenna-in-beam) unit will be used. AiP From Apple devices iPad Pro Supports higher spectrum than the 5G networks with a frequency of 6 GHz, also known as mmWave 5G. It is roughly the same type of spectrum as 5G Which phones are supportediPhone 12 Which was launched exclusively for the United States, but the difference is that the iPad Pro For 2021 it will use a component Apple made itself.

Referred to as a report from the site TheElec A few days ago, it was reported that Apple was preparing to adopt screens YOU ARE Produced by Samsung and LG for devices iPad Pro The tablet – which is supposed to be launched next year – instead of screens LCD.

The report stated that both Samsung and LG – which currently offer monitors YOU ARE For devices iPhone – You are developing a screen YOU ARE The new devices for the new tablets that the company may launch in the second half of 2021.

Source: The Seventh Day


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