“Appeal”: Canceling a ruling against a journalist for insulting and defaming “health” – Saudi News


Okaz learned that the Court of Appeal in Riyadh had overturned a ruling convicting a journalist for defaming and insulting the Ministry of Health. The Criminal Court in Riyadh decided not to convict the journalist and to retract a previous ruling, which included a fine of 5,000 riyals, the confiscation of his mobile phone, the closure of his Twitter account, and the verdict acquired a definite status.According to the details that Okaz followed, the Ministry of Health submitted a complaint to the Public Prosecution, accusing the journalist of defamation and insulting the Ministry of Health and the services it provides through a series of tweets. The prosecution completed the investigation with the journalist and ended with accusing him of defamation, insulting and derogating from the Ministry of Health, and of its services provided to the community, and attempting to reduce its efforts. And punish him with the highest level of penalties, confiscate his mobile phone, and close his account. The journalist answered the charges that what was published did not include offending anyone, but rather with the aim of drawing the officials’ attention to deficiencies in the preventive services, matters that were covered in the media. After deliberation, the criminal court decided to retract its previous ruling, and ruled not to convict the journalist of what was attributed to him in the general case list, then the appeals court approved the ruling.

The journalist convicted of innocence explained to “Okaz” that he remained confident that the judiciary would do justice to him, especially as he was keen on the public interest, and aimed at constructive criticism and did not offend any party or person, noting that this is at the heart of the journalistic work in highlighting services. With the aim of improving and refining it.


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