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Aoun and Berri throw the criminal scrutiny ball in the crosshairs of the resigned government.

After the Parliament unanimously approved the letter of President Michel Aoun, in which he requested that the accounts of the Banque du Liban, and all other ministries and institutions, be subject to criminal scrutiny without invoking banking secrecy, this approval will have no repercussions towards adhering to the French road map to stop the financial and economic collapse unless It is coupled with an executive mechanism, otherwise it will remain ink on paper.
The parliamentary session, which was absent from the tensions that prevented it from being involved in a political clash, and which was moderated by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri with great professionalism, ended with adopting the contents of the message sent by President Aoun by issuing a decision or recommendation that will not be published in the official gazette, and will not be accompanied by the signature of its owner and exiled Prime Minister Hassan Diab. , Because it was designated to listen to the message without extending it into a legislative session that allows legalizing the recommendation by proposing a law to be approved by the General Assembly in Parliament.
Parliamentary sources attribute the reason to adhering to Article 145 of the Parliament’s bylaw, which limits the session’s agenda by listening to the President’s message, and confirms that Speaker Berri, upon the approval of the General Commission for the recommendation, in response to the letter’s request, to open a legislative session devoted to the approval of the representatives on the proposal. The law presented by the Parliamentary “Development and Liberation” bloc headed by Berri, which aims to consider all the victims of the Beirut Port bombing as martyrs of the Lebanese army.
Therefore, the parliament’s adoption of Aoun’s message brought the ball back to the goal of the resigned government, which is supposed to put in place the legal and judicial mechanism to implement financial criminal auditing, which is no longer limited to the accounts of the Banque du Liban, but rather includes ministries and all departments, interests and funds, and therefore it is necessary to contract with an alternative company to a company. Audit «Alvarez & Mersal», which terminated the contract with the Ministry of Finance for the impossibility of obtaining documents and financial documents.
In this context, parliamentary sources told Al-Sharq Al-Awsat that the resigned government is now obligated to legalize the financial criminal audit of the state’s accounts, although there are those who oppose assigning this power to a resigned government, because it can only convene under compelling and exceptional circumstances that do not apply to them. Audit of financial accounts.
The sources pointed out that it is not permissible to jump over the need to legalize the auditing process, and this is what a witness from his family witnessed, referring to the position issued at the end of the session by the head of the Parliamentary Administration and Justice Committee, Representative George Adwan, who was the spearhead in targeting the governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon. Riad Salameh, and in pressure in support of Aoun’s message, and said that there is no escape, as he said, from legalizing financial auditing.
The same sources confirmed that it had been previously, after the “Taif Agreement”, that Parliament approved the budget of a resigned government, and saw that the current government cannot present a bill through which it wants to legalize financial auditing, and attributed the reason to two things: The first is that the priority must be It is given to discuss the budget for next year, and therefore cannot ignore this matter with the expiration of the constitutional deadline to refer the draft budget to Parliament for discussion and approval.
As for the second matter, according to parliamentary sources, the resigned government cannot sign a contract with a financial auditing company, because it needs a new expense contract to cover the cost of this audit, and this prevents the government from securing it, because it carries out business on a small scale.
Accordingly, the question remains, how will the government act? Where will you secure the money for the new auditing firm you are supposed to contract with? Although there are those who attribute the termination of the services of the auditing company «Alvarez & Mersal» to the fact that the Central Bank of France entrusted the task of auditing to a team affiliated with it, and it was assigned to Beirut to contribute to auditing the accounts.
This question opens the door to what is reported in narrow rooms that there is a tendency to float the Diab government, even though he will be met with a parliamentary opposition verdict, and it was recently reported that Diab is not intending to go about floating his government, which lacks a minimum level of ministerial solidarity, in addition to being considered a leap In the unknown, it is intended to circumvent the French efforts to dispel the obstacles that still delay the birth of the new government.
Also, floating Diab’s government will collide with a constitutional violation and international rejection, which will compel him to apply more siege to it, even though there are those who justify such a step with the existence of a precedent before the Taif Agreement that led to the float of the government of President Salim al-Hoss after he submitted his resignation to the President of the Republic at the time. Elias Sarkis.
In light of the aforementioned, it can be said that Aoun has no solution to activate the decision on financial criminal audit except by initiating to resume consultations with the Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, in order to reach an understanding to speed up the birth of the government, after it has been proven that maintaining the conduct of business will worsen the situation, and it will negatively affect the situation. A “strong era” that will not be able to move a finger to trigger the financial audit.

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