An urgent warning from the world health regarding remdesivir for treating Corona patients in hospitals


Al-Marsad newspaper – Reuters: A committee of the World Health Organization recommended, today, Friday, that the drug “remdesivir”, produced by Gilead Sciences, should not be used in the treatment of (Covid-19) patients in hospitals, regardless of the degree of their illness, as there is no evidence that it It improves survival chances or reduces the need for ventilators.

“The committee did not find sufficient evidence that remdesivir improved patient outcomes, such as reduced mortality, decreased need for ventilation, and reduced time for clinical improvement, among others,” the committee said in its guidelines.

These guidelines represent another setback for the drug, which attracted the world’s attention as a possible treatment for (Covid-19) in the summer after early trials showed some promising results.

And at the end of October, Gilead cut its revenue forecast for 2020, citing less-than-expected demand and difficult to forecast remdesivir sales.

And that anti-viral drug is currently one of only two drugs approved for use to treat Covid-19 patients across the world, but a large trial led by the World Health Organization last month, known as the Solidarity Experience, showed that it had no effect or any effect at all on death rates within 28 Days of positive examinations or the period of stay in the hospital.

Remdesivir was one of the drugs that doctors used to treat US President Donald Trump after being infected with the Coronavirus, and it has been shown in previous studies that it shortened the recovery time. More than 50 countries have approved it or authorized it to be used for this purpose.


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