An upset stomach is the most common symptom of the Corona virus … and loss of the most prominent sense of smell and taste


Research conducted by the British Office for National Statistics found that loss of taste and smell was more symptomatic Covid-19 That was reported to be common among those who tested positive from August to October.

According to the researchers, the prolonged dry cough associated with: Covid-19 It is not the most common symptom of the disease, according to a newspaper. Mirror” British.

Corona’s most common symptom

Since scientists and paramedics studied the fatal condition throughout the year, their understanding of it grew dramatically, warnings early in the year to warn of fever and dry cough preceded reports of people losing their sense of smell and taste, and stomach upset, fatigue and brain fog were also found to be common symptoms. Also.

The most recent data collected by researchers at the Office for National Statistics (U.SWhich symptoms are most commonly reported by patients Covid-19They revealed that the most common symptom reported among those who tested positive was a loss of the sense of smell or taste.

Among people over the age of 35, between 20 and 40% of those affected had anosmia, compared to about 15 to 25% of that group with a fever and 13 to 18% had a cough.

The difference was more pronounced among young adults, with 60% of those under 35 having a loss of smell, compared to about 15-25% having a fever, and less than 10% having a cough.

The overall picture drawn by the data is that from August 15 to October 26, the number of people who tested positive for Covid With symptoms of loss of taste or smell in all age groups, the data revealed that school-age children are the least likely to have a cough.

The report’s statistics show that the positivity rate for school-age children with symptoms of cough has remained low during the period (currently around 5%), while the rate for others under the age of 35 and those aged 35 and over has steadily increased to about 10%. To 15%.

This suggests that coughing is a less specific symptom of Covid-19 In school-age children, and people who have tested positive for the virus, are generally more likely to have symptoms of loss of taste or smell and fever. “

It has been clear to scientists for a while that children and adults suffer from Coronavirus in different ways, as the data collected by an application showed King’s College 52% of school-age children who test positive for the virus did not report classic adult symptoms.

A third of children who test positive have never reported any of the twenty symptoms listed in the app, which means they have no symptoms, and the importance of knowing which symptoms are likely to betray the case of the Coronavirus is that it can help people avoid the spread of the error.


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