An unexpected comment from Mohamed Fadl after his altercation with Kahraba


Sun, 01-11-2020
06:01 AM
Ahmed Adel Shaban

Muhammad Fadl – a member of the Five-Year Committee – ignored his argument with Mahmoud Kahraba – Al-Ahly player – and sent several messages to the fans and the players.Fadl said in tweets on Twitter: An arduous season and exceptional circumstances. Congratulations to the Five-Year Committee and state officials for the return of football after the Corona pandemic to all sections with precautionary measures, congratulations to Moamen Zakaria Congratulations to Ahmed Fathy for sincerity, love and respect for the masses, congratulations to the engineer Hussam Al-Zanati, a respected cadre and congratulations to the competitions committee .

Fadl added: Congratulations to the Al-Ahly club, its board of directors, its respectable fans, and its culmination of the 42nd championship in its history and always in progress.


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