An Arab inventor pursues Corona with a robot … what does he do? (photo)


With the coming of a second wave of Covid-19 disease to Egypt, an Egyptian inventor is trying to test the ability of a robot to perform tests to detect the Corona virus by controlling it from a distance.

In a hospital north of Cairo, the robot is working to measure patients’ temperatures and warn them if they do not wear masks. Mahmoud Al-Koumi, who designed the robot as “Cira-03”, says that its invention can contribute to reducing transmission of the virus.

His invention resembles the shape of a human face, and he can take blood samples to perform the necessary tests, conduct an electrocardiogram, take X-ray images, and display the results with an attached screen.

The young inventor says that he tried to design the robot to be more like a human form, and that he did not want a box-like device to speak with visitors.

He added that his invention has so far received positive responses, and that the hospital visitors did not feel afraid to deal with it, adding, “Quite the contrary, I noticed a greater confidence in it, because the robot is more accurate than humans.”

And “Cira-03”, the corona tests, by fixing the person’s chin and extending a robotic arm to take a swab from the mouth.

The director of the hospital in which the robot is being tested, Abu Bakr Al-Mihi, said that his team uses the robot to measure the temperature of any person they suspect of being infected with the disease.


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