An American senator will require 30 billion dollars to transfer the anti-corona vaccine



The leader of the Democratic minority in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, said that the process of transferring the emerging anti-corona virus vaccine will require the allocation of $ 30 billion from federal funds.

“Reuters” agency quoted Schumer as saying that New York State alone would need “hundreds of millions of dollars” to transport the vaccine, and to train in the process of transporting the vaccine and delivering it to the point of use.

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Schumer explained that these very large sums were the reason for the faltering negotiations over the economic aid bill.

“The crisis is huge and we need a lot of help,” Schumer said.

Yesterday, Saturday, the American “Wall Street Journal” confirmed that “United Airlines” began operating charter flights to transport shipments of the American company “Pfizer” vaccine against Corona, on Friday.

Earlier, some experts indicated that the American company “Pfizer” vaccine against Covid, will collide with major logistical problems, due to the need to store it at a temperature of up to 80 degrees below zero.

Source: Novosti


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