Amr Diab criticizes the author of his song, Places of Night, in his own way … on video


He criticized the Egyptian artistAmr diabA funny way, the Egyptian poetThamer HussainThe author of his song “Places of Night”, while singing it in a private party, followed by a closing ceremonyEl Gouna Film FestivalYesterday.
While Diab sang the clip “This is my love, if it comes down on the ground in people who will retire” with the audience at the ceremony, he cut his vocals to comment “Afour Awi the author”, and laughed to complete his singing of the song with the voice of the audience, which was very interactive with it, and Diab continued: “The song is by the poet Tamer. Hussein, who is the composer of Shater Awi, “then sang a second song for him, which is” Elli Adi Adi “.
For his part, Tamer Hussein responded to Diab, and on his own page on a social networking site, he posted a video clip of Diab from the party talking about him, and commented: My love, oh his plateau, this is my love if it comes to the ground in people who quit the El Gouna party.


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