America is considering reducing the quarantine period to 7 days


Posted on: 11/27/2020 (Last updated: 11/27/2020 Time: 00:17)

Jerusalem – Together – An official at the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed the possibility of shortening the recommended quarantine period for people likely to be exposed to the emerging corona virus, according to the “Wall Street Journal”.

According to the newspaper, the step, which the centers may take soon, aims to shorten the quarantine period in a way that motivates people to more adhere to quarantine instructions, and adhere to them.

According to what the official in the centers, Henry Walk, indicated in his speech to the newspaper, officials in the health agency are about to agree on recommendations for quarantine, which may range from seven to ten days.

Walck indicated that the shorter quarantine period includes the quarantined person performing a test for Covid-19 to ensure his negative result.


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