Amal Al-Shahrani gets excited about a follow-up she wished to have cancer (video)


The star of the Saudi social networking sites, Amal Al-Shahrani, expressed her anger at the follow-up she wished to have cancer instead of accusing her of nudity, which prompted the artist to attack her, describing her as hateful and envious of her because of her fame, she said.

The beginning of the story when she commented on a follow-up to Amal Al-Shahrani on a picture of her, in which she said: “May your Lord bless you with cancer. Your day is naked and not concealed, and I am Blanny, my Lord, although I am concealed.

This provoked the anger of Amal Al-Shahrani, to respond to her in a video clip via social chat, “In sick people in societies … A follow-up who wishes to have cancer instead of are a not well-off person. You are dirty and the envy of God curses a person and relieves his sins .. But you are God He increases you and you deserve..but I am God who gives me all kinds of health and wellness.

Earlier, Amal Al-Shahrani revealed the reason for her severe psychological trauma, explaining that she did not know the value of herself and the extent of her need for psychological calm, as she went to many doctors and were unable to explain her condition until she discovered that sadness was behind everything that afflicted her.

Al-Shahrani said, via “Snapchat”: “Over all the stories of injustice that I lived, he led the strongest, most painful, and greatest sadness after my misfortune was born. We deserve the best. ”

She added: “I entered into a sick state that the small clinics could not diagnose until I moved Professor Batinah. He knew that I had severe asthma, and this is a reaction to the sadness that afflicted me and started saying it is forbidden for you to be young and you must maintain your health and the problems followed a drop in pressure and nerves.”

And she explained: “At that time, I began to understand that without my health, nothing, nothing, and nothing I can do or enjoy, and that raising my children and playing with them needs health, and that happiness is just health, I took a vow on myself that I would please her and guide her and protect her from all the evil.”

And she indicated: I love to write his supplications. I wrote this supplication and I have obligated it from 8 years to this day .. Oh God, O Almighty, force my fracture with success that exceeds my expectations. Success exceeds my expectations, not the expectations of my family or any human being. ”


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