Al-Nasr “snatches” the season’s deal from Al Hilal … exciting official developments


Al Hilal and Al Nasr are competing for a major Saudi deal during the winter transfer period Coming “January 2021”, to consolidate their ranks in the current sports season.

And Al-Nasr entered the current sports season 2020-2021, with 12 new deals between local and foreign, while Al Hilal’s board of directors only included 4 players.

Abdullah Al-Hamdan, striker of Al-Shabab club and the resplendent Saudi national team, is considered a great target for Riyadh giants Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr, this coming winter.

* Exciting official confessions.

Abdul Rahman Al-Hamdan, the father of the player Abdullah, admitted that his son had received many important offers to formally contract with him, as he entered the free period of his contract with the youth, in January 2021.

Al-Hamdan’s father stressed, in statements to Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper, that he would not interfere in the decision of the international player, whether by renewing with the youth, or accepting one of the official offers he had officially received.

For its part, the newspaper revealed that the Youth Administration’s offer to Hamdan has not changed since it was presented to it last October, amounting to five million riyals per year, with a contract lasting for three years.

* Victory outweighed the Crescent.

Although Hamdan’s father has not announced the names of the clubs negotiating with the player, all leaks confirm that they are Al Hilal and Al Nasr.

Al-Hilal tried to contract with Al-Hamdan, before closing the door to the summer mercato, and inserting it into the deal to join Nawaf Al-Abed, from the leader to the youth.

However, Al-Hilal’s contract deal with Al-Hamdan came to a halt at the last minute, amid news of Al-Nasr intervening strongly to sign the player, officially.

There are some factors that suggest victory over Al Hilal in the season’s grand deal. Which:

1- The huge purchasing power in Al Nasr, compared to Al Hilal.

2- The strong need for victory, to hire a new striker, in light of the numerical shortage in this position.

3- Saleh Al-Shehri’s great brilliance with Al-Hilal may lead to the leader’s retreat from the Hamdan deal.

It is worth noting that Al-Hamdan, who is 21 years old, is one of the sons of Al-Shabab club, who graduated in various Sunni groups, before ascending to the first team.

Before his promotion to the first team, Al Shabab loaned his young star to Sporting Gijon, Spain, from January to June 2018.

With the start of the 2019-2020 season, Al-Hamdan became one of the important elements in the youth first team, scoring 4 goals during 28 official matches.

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