Al-Khorayef: “Made in Saudi Arabia” is a program for all citizens .. We were keen for our children to design its identity


The Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Export Development Authority, Mr. Bandar bin Ibrahim Al-Khuraif, inaugurated today in Riyadh the identity design camp for the “Made in Saudi” program, under the slogan “Designed for the Homeland its Industrial Identity”, in which 9 Saudi designers are chosen from Before the committee, which received more than 400 participants.
The Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources urged the designers to show the identity of the “Made in Saudi” program, reflecting the leading position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at the regional and international levels, and for the program to achieve part of the cultural identity and the great industrial capabilities of the Kingdom, stressing that the national industry builds It has a great legacy spanning more than four decades, and it has a great reputation and high demand in the various countries that receive our exports.
He indicated that the “Made in Saudi” program represents a national project for all Saudis, hence the idea of ​​designing the identity of the program for Saudi men and women, so that it could start in Saudi hands, stressing that the launch of the “Made in Saudi” program identity design camp represents a qualitative initiative aiming at innovation A unified identity for the national industry, with national experiences as well, and contributes to launching the Saudi product towards new heights of reliability and excellence at all levels.
He stressed the role of the nation’s youth in promoting the position of the national industry and its distinction at the national and global level, stressing that the Kingdom carries a firm belief in the ability of its renewed wealth, represented by its youth and their ambitions, and relies on them to move it to a new stage based on innovation and creativity for a better future, for they are the real wealth, and their efforts and creativity are Which will contribute to achieving the goals of the wise leadership in empowering the national economy and strengthening the Kingdom’s global position as an industrial power that contributes to enabling global production capabilities for a more sustainable future.
In turn, the Secretary General of the Saudi Export Development Authority “Saudi Exports” Eng. Saleh Al-Salami said, “Since the launch of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, we have witnessed many huge efforts and initiatives launched by the wise leadership to enhance and develop the potential of the national industry, foremost among which is the launch of the” National Industrial Development and Logistics Program. ” “, In addition to a number of initiatives aimed at raising the elements of local content in the national product, under the auspices and supervision of the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority, which launched the list of preference for local content and mandatory lists of national products with the aim of enhancing government demand for national products in various fields.
Regarding the “Made in Saudi” program, Al-Sulami stressed that it is imperative for companies wishing to join the program to apply the conditions and standards that are determined according to sectors by the concerned authorities. In return, companies will be able to take advantage of the benefits package and advantages of a unified brand, which helps them market and promote their goods and services in the local, regional and international markets.
He touched on the most prominent results achieved by these initiatives, which contributed to the growth of non-oil GDP and the volume of non-oil exports, which amounted to about 318 billion riyals at the end of 2019, despite the decline in the volume of these exports during the first and second quarters of this year, as a result of the spread of the pandemic The “emerging corona” virus, this value returned to rise in June of this year, to record its highest increase since January 2020, led by the industry and mining sector, reaching 16.6 billion riyals, with an increase of 32% over the month of May of the same year, and this sends a message Strong on the ability of industrial production to be a safety valve for the national economy to absorb future shocks and challenges.
For his part, Director General of Marketing and Institutional Communication at “Saudi Exports”, head of the committee overseeing the organization of the “Made in Saudi” program designing camp, Eng. Mazen Al-Jasser, affirmed that the camp had achieved more than expectations of many creative Saudi talents from various parts of the Kingdom. Noting that Saudi youth enjoy high creative capabilities and distinguished skills, which have always recorded qualitative achievements in many fields.
He said, “These talents will have the honor to participate in designing an innovative identity for the national industry, which, God willing, will be the ambassador of the national product and the trusted reference in all countries of the world.”
It is noteworthy that “Saudi Exports” is working in cooperation with its partners in the industry system, to launch the “Made in Saudi” program, by the first quarter of 2021 AD, and it had previously launched a campaign in which it called on all creative Saudi designers to register in the camp, The campaign witnessed a large turnout of creative youth, whose number exceeded 400 participants, as the organizing committee of the camp selected nine, and they were divided into three teams to create 3 different designs, which will be uploaded to a digital platform to be voted on by the public and the best among them, provided that the Minister of Industry approves And mineral wealth and the Minister of Culture the final design of the identity.


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