Al-Ittihad, “All Stars”, in front of Al-Faisaly


Al-Ittihad, “All Stars”, in front of Al-Faisaly

Special training for Brezhovic in front of the goal

Monday – 8 Rabi Al Thani 1442 AH – 23 November 2020 AD Issue No. [

Ahmed Hegazy (Middle East)

Grandmother: Ibrahim Al-Qurashi

The Al-Ittihad team finished its training at the confrontation stadium that will bring it together with its counterpart Al-Faisaly today in Al-Majmaah in the fifth round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League, after the team’s technical staff preferred to leave the players early yesterday; Preparing for the match and for adapting to the region’s atmosphere.
Brazilian coach Fabio Carelli included all foreign players for the team’s battalion in Al-Majma’ah, led by Egyptian Ahmed Hegazy, Moroccan Karim Al-Ahmadi, Brazilian trio Marcelo Grohe, Bruno Henrique and Romarinho da Silva, as well as Serbian Alexandre Bregovic and Cape Verde’s player Gary Rodriguez.
Al-Ittihad players, before leaving for Al-Majmaah the day before yesterday, underwent a medical swab to detect the emerging “Corona” virus, to ensure the safety of everyone according to health protocols as part of the preventive precautionary measures from the virus applied by the Professional League.
Brazilian Carili was keen during the training session yesterday to put the final touches to the tactical method that he will enter the match, after standing on the readiness of his players, while he assigned many tasks to Moroccan Al-Ahmadi, Romarinho da Silva and Henrique, while he was keen to conduct special training in front of the goal.
Kareli preferred to impose a light training session yesterday that focused on the technical and tactical aspects, and to distribute the tasks to the players who intend to place them in the main list of the team, in order to avoid fatigue of the players and maintain their fitness levels.
While the two administrative bodies were keen to prepare the players for the match to keep pace with the technical work provided to the players, while the club management was keen to allocate a special reward for the players in the event that they return to the club’s stronghold with the three points.
Al-Ittihad is looking forward to defeating Al-Faisaly tonight and breaking the stubbornness of the host for the past three seasons by not achieving a victory in front of him, as it outperformed Al-Ittihad in the first round of the previous version of the 2-1 League, while the two teams tied in the second round of the competition, and Al-Ittihad lost Al-Faisaly in the pre-last version, one-way. Forth 2 – 1 and 3 – 2.
Al-Faisali also outperformed Al-Ittihad in the league version (2017-2018) 2-1, while the two teams drew 3-3 in the second leg.
The Federalists are looking to win tonight and reassure their fans about the next stage of the team and return to competitions strongly after the suspension period, which requires that you have contributed to correcting many of the mistakes made by the team in the past matches.
Al-Ittihad is ranked tenth in the rankings with five points from four matches, where it won one, tied in two matches and lost one.
The Al-Ittihad coach had breathed a sigh of relief with the readiness shown by a number of players for the match after overcoming the injury, led by Cape Verdean player Rodriguez, and Brazilian Romarinho joined after he was absent for several days from training due to family conditions, and Egyptian Ahmed Hegazy prepared the team after the end of his participation with his country, in addition to the return of the players. International Saud Abdul Hamid, Abdul Ilah Al-Maliki and Muhannad Al-Shanqeeti.
While the injured players continued their treatment and rehabilitation programs after their injury, they were led by Fahad Al-Mawlad, Abdel-Rahman Al-Aboud and Ziad Al-Sahafi.


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