Al Houthi pledges to continue the fight and sends a word to the Saudis


On Wednesday evening, the Houthi group pledged to withstand the battles and continue bombing the depths of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia unless it accepted the “honorable peace” that would guarantee the lifting of the siege and “stop the aggression” against the Yemenis.

This came in a speech delivered by a member of the Supreme Political Council, Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, during the funeral of a number of the group’s dead in Sana’a.

Al-Houthi asked, “Where is the money of the Saudis, the children of the Saudi people owe the banks?” He added, “As for our people, they are not in debt. This is Bin Salman’s plan and Vision 2030. As you continue your aggression, your losses will increase, and our people will not be broken. Neither Israel nor anyone else will win Saudi Arabia.”

He said that the Yemeni people are fighting bravely despite the blockade, “and you will not be able to hold out as our people persisted without salaries.”

And he stressed that the Yemeni people know that everything Saudi Arabia says is not true, “so keep fighting.”

He pledged to continue the fight against Saudi Arabia and its allies, and “war is a challenge and creativity, and we will break the challenge.”

He addressed the Yemenis, “Oh people of Yemen, you are fighting today against those whose loyalty has been evident. Those who see preserving the usurping entity are better than preserving the Yemeni people, that is, you are fighting Israel.”

Quds 2 missile

Al-Houthi said that yesterday the Quds 2 missile reached the Saudi rear, stressing that it is 100% Yemeni industry.

He added, “We heard the condemnations and shouting and wailing, and Saudi Arabia went to the Security Council and says we bombed international oil.”

He accused the “siege countries” of preventing the wounded Yemenis from traveling for treatment, while “our people are unrelenting, steadfast and steadfast, this people of faith bombed us and targeted all our vital facilities, bombed our schools and airports, and we did not hear any condemnation.”

It is noteworthy that the Saudi-Emirati coalition is fighting in Yemen alongside the forces of the government of President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi against the Houthi group, which controls the capital, Sanaa, and other governorates.


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