Al-Diyabi wins the best press reports in “Saudi Summer” – Saudi Arabia News


The director of the office of “Okaz” newspaper in Taif, Abdul Karim Al-Dhiabi, won first place for the best distinguished press reports in the award. «Saudi Summer».

And the Saudi Tourism Authority, the official responsible for «Saudi spirit»، Names of the winners of the award that it launched in late June, to stimulate media professionals and creative people to participate to highlight the destinations and tourist sites in the Kingdom, within the Saudi summer season «Breathing».

The prescribed prizes totaling 250,000 riyals were won by 10 media professionals and content makers who participated in their work in the five fields of the award, as the first place winner gets 30,000 riyals, and the second place 20,000 riyals.

The first place was achieved in the field of television reporting, Abdul Rahman Al-Osaimi, from Al-Arabiya Channel, and the second, Abdulrahman Al-Zahrani, from MBC.

In the field of press reporting, Abdul Karim Al-Dhiabi won from «Okaz» First place, and Saleh Al-Zaid from «Middle east» Second place.

And in radio reports, it was the first place for the «coat» Which is presented by Soha Al Waal and Hani Al Mohandes from Radio «thousand thousand»The second place went to the program «Tourists» Haila Faraj from Riyadh Radio.

Muhammad Al-Musa won the first place in the field of visual documentation, and the second place was won by Yousef Al-Sudais. As for aesthetic images, Ali Khamj won first place, and Adel Al-Otaibi came second.

The works submitted to the award management were subject to evaluation by independent jury, and according to specific professional standards set by the award committee, to ensure the transparency of the results.

The authority stated that launching the award contributed to motivating media professionals and creative young talents in the media to participate in providing the best media coverage about «Saudi summer season»In addition to raising the quality of competition between media professionals and innovators in various platforms, in order to present innovative and creative works for Saudi tourism, and to promote tourist attractions.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Tourism Authority had launched the Saudi summer season «Breathing» During the period from June 25 to September 30, last year, it achieved great tourism activity, through which it brought domestic tourism back to the prime of interest of citizens and residents.

It is noteworthy that, last year, fellow Dhiabi won first place in the Taif summer season.


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