Ahmed Zaki gets upset with Moufid Fawzi in his home because of his wife


Sun, 22-11-2020
12:23 PM

Pioneers posted on social media a rare video clip from a media interview with the late great artist Ahmed Zaki, conducted with him by Moufid Fawzy in the first apartment.
During the video, Ahmed Zaki revealed his sadness because of his separation from his wife, the artist, Hala Fouad, and he was upset with those who touched Fawzi about topics related to his private life, and he responded with excitement to him: “In what is refreshing you know and no one of the viewers knows it between husband and wife.
He explained that he did not want to return to Hala Fouad after the separation because of the disagreement in the views despite his strong respect for her, and about the reason for the separation, he said: “I was very nervous and intolerant of simple needs, she was carrying me.”
He continued in talking about the reason for the separation: “I knew that she was present beside me and would not consider me, and she preferred to endure my nervousness until one day I woke up. What I found, the house was empty.”


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