Ahmed Munib’s house … an oasis of culture and young talent


His family decided to make room for talented people to practice their artistic activities at the house of the musician

The Muneeb House for Culture and Arts will be opened in the village of Thomas and Afia in the city of Esna (Luxor Governorate), next Thursday, after the family of the Egyptian musician Ahmed Munib announced that his house would be transformed into a center for musical culture. His son Khaled commented on this step, saying that his family decided to dedicate the house to the people of his village, and to turn it into a house of culture and arts, to be “a center of radiation in southern Egypt and a cultural and artistic beacon for the people of Upper Egypt.” He pointed out that the activity that will be held in “Beit Muneeb” will contribute to providing the talented people with an opportunity to practice artistic activities, and also to work on discovering talents in “Upper Egypt”. It is noteworthy that the Egyptian artist (1926-1999) is considered the most famous Egyptian Nubian composer, and who was most interested in this art, chronicled it, and merged it with Egyptian art. Muneeb started out as an oud player in the 1950s, and was the first to play this instrument in “Nubia.” After the establishment of the “Nile Valley” radio in 1954, he presented many traditional Nubian songs, and worked to diversify the melodies, so that they would be inherited between generations and circulated at weddings and other parties.


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