Ahmed Badir’s daughter attacks a well-known journalist after her insult to her father: I have not forgotten to you


Saturday, 11-28-2020
08:22 AM

Sarah, the daughter of the Egyptian artist Ahmed Badir, launched a fierce attack on the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Eidan, after she mocked her father and described him as “Al-Aqra”.

Sarah said in a statement on Facebook: Well, I got up from sleep, and I met all of Egypt with me. … but I would like to explain to you how much this needs

First: I am a father, a big star of the Arab world, and no one will allow you to speak on the text of a word, and I think that you have seen this enough in the attack of the entire Arab world against you. I myself am surprised by him and thank all the people who responded to our absence.

She added: Second: If artists for you their lives are permissible, then I am not an artist, so you can give me useful sentences with them (with all due respect to all artists, of course).

And she continued: Third: My father, to whom you are mistaken, this taught me to refuse bullying in all its forms, and you are my mistake, because I am sure I will not be silent .. Finally, I am a father like the moon, and your opinion after your permission, keep it to yourself after that.


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