Ahmed Badir responds to the Kuwaiti media who insulted him and mocked him


Sunday, 11-29-2020
10:33 AM

Artist Ahmed Badir decided to take legal steps to respond to the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Eidan, after insulting and ridiculing him, through her own page on a social networking site.
Lawyer Ashraf Abdel Aziz, Badir’s lawyer, said in a statement today that: “All legal measures are being taken against the Kuwaiti media, May Al-Aidan, towards her bullying, insulting and verbal abuse against the great artist Ahmed Badir.”
Sarah, the daughter of Badir, responded to Al-Adan, saying: “Ok, I got up from sleep today. All of Egypt met me from the Post, Professor May Al-Aidan, the media. I hear about you, of course, and I know that you are a quarrelsome person who loves bullying, especially bullying artists!”
She added, “But I would like to explain to you how much this is needed. First of all, I am a great parent who is one of the stars of the Arab world, and I will not allow you to speak on it text for a word, and I think you have seen this enough in the attack of the entire Arab world on you, which I myself was surprised by and thank all the people who responded Ourselves!
And Sarah continued: “Secondly, if artists for you their lives are permissible, then I am not an artist, so that you give me a useful sentence (with respect to all artists of course). Third, my father, who you attended to cover in it, taught me to refuse bullying in all its forms, and you are my mistake, I am sure I will not stop! I am a parent like the moon, and your opinion, with your permission, keep it for yourself after this.


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