After the news of the death of “Intisar Al-Sharrah” was published in Kuwait … this is what Tariq Al-Ali said, and so was Fajr Al-Saeed!


Al-Marsad Newspaper: The news of the death of the Kuwaiti actress Intisar Al-Sharrah is published on social networking sites, and the list of most popular content on search engines after news of her death was circulated, which sparked widespread controversy and great shock among her fans and colleagues.

Just rumors
And after the news spread strongly, especially since Intisar Al-Sharrah suffered health complications after undergoing intestinal surgery, her colleague, Kuwaiti artist Tariq Al-Ali, came out to confirm definitively that they are just rumors.

Tariq Al-Ali appeared in a video on “Snapchat”, in which he said: “To the fans of the great and capable artist Intisar Al-Sharrah, I would like to reassure you and tell you that she is well, in health and wellness, and I hope God will give her long life.”

Al-Ali continued: “What you have heard or seen about spreading the rumor of her death is not true, and she is well and currently with her family and among her children and grandchildren.”

Al-Ali sent a message to the rumor-monger, and said: “For those who spread the rumor, we say to him, may God forgive you and guide you. I hope that you will occupy yourself and stay away from spreading rumors like this. ”


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