After the bombing of the vicinity of Damascus, Netanyahu threatens the Iranian military base in Syria


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu affirmed his adherence to his policy aimed at preventing what he described as the Iranian military stationing in Syria, and the exploitation of its lands as a starting point for attacking Israel.

Netanyahu said that this policy was translated into raids carried out by the Israeli Air Force against targets of the Iranian Quds Force and the forces of the Syrian regime army, and Netanyahu threatened that whoever attacks Israel or tries to do so, “his blood is wasted,” as he put it.

The Israeli army reinforced the Iron Dome system units in the northern regions adjacent to the borders with Lebanon and Syria, as part of the state of military alert among its forces in the occupied Golan and the Upper Galilee regions, after new raids on Syria on Wednesday morning.

The Israeli planes bombed Syrian targets in the vicinity of Damascus and the areas adjacent to the Syrian side of the ceasefire line in the southern Golan.

A statement by the Israeli military spokesman said that the Israeli warplanes targeted sites, camps and headquarters of the Syrian army and the Iranian Quds Force.

The Israeli army justified its attack by uncovering a minefield in a pocket it had seized on the Syrian side of the ceasefire line, south of the occupied Golan.

The Syrian News Agency (SANA) reported yesterday that the Syrian air defenses responded to Israeli air strikes in the sky of the capital Damascus, and that 3 soldiers were killed and another wounded.


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